Submitting Competition Entries

Members are encouraged to enter the club competitions. As a beginner this can be quite daunting but the judge’s feedback, anonymous unless you are one of the “winners”, can be very beneficial.


if you are not familiar with the terminology then briefly:

PDI = Projected Digital Image. This is simply a JPG that is projected onto the screen.  No author identification or similar text/logo may appear on the image
PRINT = a printed image with a minimum size of 308 sq. cm. No author identification or similar text/logo may appear on the print 
MOUNT = a mount card to display the print, 50 cms by 40 cms in either portrait or landscape orientation. It must be carefully backed by another large card. Please ask in the club if you are not sure about this. A label on the back, top left, identifying the club name, author name, image title and competition date. Example label

The Competition

Most club competitions will be held in two parts. Typically the prints are judged in the first part and the PDIs judged in the second part.

So that all the members can see the print being judged we ask for a PDI also to be supplied for each print. This is just for projection and will not be judged, the judge will only consider the print. The judge may, for instance, talk about the composition by reference to the projected image but the final score is based only on the print.

Each competition can have different rules regarding the subject, maximum number of PDIs and prints. Most are a mix of PDIs and prints with each member being allowed to submit up to 2 of each.

Entry Submission

PDIs can be submitted by email, on memory sticks or CDs.

As a general rule both the prints and all PDIs must be submitted at least 1 week before the competition date. Typically prints are brought into the club on the preceding Tuesday and PDIs emailed in anytime before midnight of that preceding Tuesday. If you are not able to drop your print off then contact the competition organiser in enough time to arrange a mutual drop off before the deadline. Late arrivals may not be accepted for the competition.

Format and Sizes

In line with most camera clubs the PDIs and mounted prints must conform to a set of standard sizes and formats. This is a summary of the requirements…


NB the image dimensions and max file size for the new PAGB rules for the 2017-18 season are in red and will now apply to all BCC competitions

  • Resized to 1400 1600 px wide and 1050 1200 px high (see Photoshop Resizing and Black Borders below)
  • Add black borders if width or height is less than 1400 1600 px and 1050 1200 px (see Photoshop Resizing and Black Borders below)
  • Ensure the colour profile is sRGB (see Photoshop Resizing and Black Borders below)
  • The file format must be JPG / JPEG and 8-bit (this may be listed as “24 bit” by some software applications)
  • The file size must not exceed 2Mb (I understand from Colin Birch 2Mb is exactly 2,097,152 bytes, there is no tolerance, they will be rejected if this is exceeded)
  • Saved with a filename  of  #_your name_your title.jpg  where # is 1 or 2 or 3 etc, your name is your name and your title is the title of your image,
    example: 1_Jane Smith_Blue Butterfly on Rose.jpg
  • Send as attachments in an email to
    The Subject line must be  BCC PDIs for dd-mm-yy  where dd-mm-yy is the competition date with your PDIs attached

      Create your email for PDI submissions

  • If you do not receive a confirmation email a few days before the competition date contact the competition secretary


  • Create a PDI for each print in the same format as above
  • Send the PDIs as attachments in an email to
    The subject line must be   BCC Prints for xx-xx-xx   where dd-mm-yy is the competition date

      Create your email for PRINT submissions

  • If you do not receive a confirmation email a few days before the competition date contact the competition secretary
  • If you would like to use on online printing service to make your print I have written a document (see the PRINTING section on the LINKS > HOW TO page) on how to go about doing this. It is a “first pass document.” I (Ian) welcome feed back and any issues this PDF might have. I have used an example for printing at SIMLAB and I should probably enhance it to include the DSCL procedure (see the MOUNTING AND PRINTING section on the LINKS > RESOURCES page for links to these print labs)