Summer Activities 2016

The summer activities begin when the normal club sessions break for their summer recession. It is a chance for members and others to meet informally and take photos.

The 2016 Activities were organised and managed by Ian Whiting, Bruce Deacon and Linda Swain

This gallery is an ad hoc selection of images taken this summer.

For more details on summer events click here

Click here for Image Submission Guidelines

Any member or guest who attended an event may submit up to 2 images from each event. All images will be added to this page, everyone is considered equal. No moderation or selection of images will apply other than “objectionable” images, the page editors decision on what is objectionable will be final and not discussed.

When submitting images for this gallery the image format rules are different and more relaxed than club competition rules. Save the image as JPG, sRGB and resized to anywhere between 600 to 1400 px wide and 500 to 1050 px high. No black border is necessary.

The file name will become your image caption. Always include a short event name and your own name. Optionally include a title, eg Box End – Splash – John Smith.jpg. The file name should only consist of letters, numbers or hyphens. As usual do not include any special characters in the file name, eg Box End – Will he make it? – John Smith.jpg as these special characters (e.g. question mark) confuse the software.

You are welcome to overlay your image with a discrete watermark if you so wish. However this gallery is a place to show off your images and if the watermark detracts from the viewers’ enjoyment of the picture, e.g.  it is too large or bold, it may not get published (page editor’s decision is final etc)

Please be aware if your images do not conform to the above simple guidelines (e.g. too large, wrong format) they will not get posted. If you do not know how to create the images most experienced club member are more than willing to advise or suggest someone who can help you.

Send the images as an attachment to

These “rules” may change depending upon member feedback.

This gallery is just for fun and for others to see what we do. They don’t have to be award winners. If it’s your thing you can even experiment with odd post processing “goodies” eg ragged  edges or filter effects that often upset a club competition judge!

Click any image thumbnail in the gallery to display a large copy of the image.
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Please note: Copyright belongs to the original author. No images may be reproduced without written permission.


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