Summer activities: Box End

Hi everyone,

There has had to be changes made to the next two weeks outings.
I originally intended to go over to Willen Lake in Milton Keynes to photograph the Water Skiers and the Pagoda. However, apparently the water skiers are not operating on Tuesdays, so next weeks venue will be
We have been there before, and I have seen many a good photograph taken there, so come along and have a go at capturing great action shots of the skiers.
Meet in the car park at 6.45pm
The following week, 23rd June, I had arranged to go to the Butterfly World in St Albans.
When I arranged this I was told that as we are a club, and have been before, they would allow a minimum of 12 members. However, I have been told today that they will only open for 20 plus visitors. I have pointed out to them that they told me 12, but they are adamant it will have to be 20.
As it is very doubtful that I can enthuse that many members, I have cancelled this event, and will substitute something else. 
For those that wanted to visit, they can, of course, go during normal opening hours, but it may get a bit crowded.
for those that are attending next Tuesday evening, please let me know at
Regards to one and all,