Summer Activities

The summer activities are an informal arrangement of photographic activities which are organised outside of the normal club calendar.

These casual, summer group meetings include local events, nature reserves, Photoshop evenings, sporting events and days out further afield. They are not usually instruction evenings although most members are more than happy to offer advice when asked.

Polo by Cliff Harvey

A typical evening might be to meet at the car park of a nature reserve at 6.30 pm or 7 pm. After a few minutes discussion the group sets off, probably dividing up into small groups of 2 or 3, and we spend the next two hours photographing or just enjoying the reserve. At a prearranged time we meet back up or find our way to the local pub.

All BCC members, non-photographic partners and non-members or potential members are welcome to most events, a few are for members only.

Ampthill by Moira McAneny

There may be a small charge to cover costs where applicable (e.g village hall hire) and should the event require an entry fee this will be the photographer’s responsibility.

Summer Event photos 20182017, 2016 and 2015

NB events can be changed at any time, details will be included in the emailed newsletters

2018 Summer Events
Join the Summer Group and be prepared to play your part. Contact Bruce or Linda for more details.

Hitchin Lavender @ Hitchin Lavender
Jul 24 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Hitchin Lavender has late evening opening on Tuesdays.

Meet there at 6.30pm on 24th July to photograph the lavender field followed by refreshments in the cafe.

If you haven’t been before, look on the Hitchin Lavender website to see how stunning the field looks, especially as the sun is going down.

The £6 entry fee includes picking a bag of lavender.


St Neots Dragon Boat Racing @ Regatta Meadows
Aug 4 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

More than 25 crews from locally based companies and organisations are expected to battle it out in 30ft brightly painted Chinese dragon boats over the 200m course, watched by thousands of spectators.

Each crew has up to 10 paddlers, a beating drummer at the front of the boat and a steering helm (provided by the organisers) at the tail end.

For families there will be food and drink outlets with some music and entertainment throughout the day.

2400 Steps Part 1
Aug 21 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

A summer event with a difference, held over two evenings. It is both light-hearted and challenging.

We meet in Bedford town centre at 6.30pm (location TBD)

The task is easy. Walk 100 steps in any direction your choose, take one photo from that point, walk another 100 steps, take one photo, repeat until you have walked 2400 steps and taken 24 photos.

This should take 60 to 90 minutes. 2400 steps is less than the distance from Bedford Town Bridge to the Suspension Bridge and back again.

N.B. Photos are taken in JPG, only ONE photo is permitted at each stop, no post processing.

At the end we copy your 24 photos to a laptop. We will have these printed for you (24 prints at 6″ x 4″) ready for the second evening.

The second half is on Tuesday, September 4th. This is the review evening. It will be a social evening, possibly at a local pub. You get back your 24 prints. Over a drink (or two) we compare prints, ridicule discuss the shots taken, justify your choices, problems overcome and lessons learned. Leave your ego at the door, it could be embarrassing.

Cost to take part: expected £3.50 to cover the printing

If you wish to take part let us know. Send an email to with the message “I may seriously regret this decision but please include me in on the 2400 Steps event

We will send you more details on how this all works, locations, hints and tips and, to prove we are not quite as evil as you may think, tell you where you can, ever-so slightly, bend the rules.

Bedford Stadium Athletics @ Bedford International Athletics Stadium
Aug 25 – Aug 26 all-day

England Athletics U17 and U15 track & field and walks championships

2400 Steps – Part 2
Sep 4 @ 7:30 pm – 9:45 pm

This meeting is for those who took part 1, August 21st.

It will be a social evening, we will probably be meeting at a local pub.

This is the day of reckoning when you get back your 24 prints and see what the other fools members produced.

There are no prizes for the best shot, this is more about how you tackled the difficulties fate put in your way.

Members will learn from you and you will learn from everyone else.

We expect to see many weird and experimental images.