Summer Events Competition

The summer is almost over and our new season will begin soon.

To have one last celebration of summer, we will have a light-hearted competition onTuesday 2nd October, our first evening meeting.

Everyone who has taken part in any of our summer events this year are invited to take part.  Please select up to 6 images to send in.  We may not use them all, depending on how many members take part, so please enter your favourite images first.  Please use the usual internal competition rules.

This will be an informal competition with the winner voted for by members.  There may be a prize!

The closing date for this competition is midnight on Tuesday 25th September.


On this occasion would you please email Linda by 11th September if you intend to take part – you do not have to have selected your images by this time.  The reason for signing up in advance is that we have a surprise for you. We would very much like you to be part of a pilot project we are trialling.

More information will  be shared with you once you have added your name to Linda’s list.

Looking forward to seeing your memories of our summer season.