Summer Group

It might not feel much like summer right now, although last weekend did. But now is the time to get the summer events organised

Polo by Cliff Harvey

This year we asked members to send ideas for summer events to Tony Wren, ones that they would like to attend and were willing to help organise.

Tony was underwhelmed by the one (or maybe two) suggestions he received. So we have decided to try a slightly different route.

Pico Photofest by Ian Whiting

We are organising a new sub-group for the club called The Summer Group. If you are interested in one or more photo evening or day shoots, between May and September, you need to sign up for this group and be prepared to play a part in it; no passengers allowed.

Right now, if you sign up, you will be expected to attend an opening evening session (date TBA.) We can hold that in a pub to help the ambience; already you can get a flavour of how seriously this group takes its work. You will need to bring along a list of suggestions. You won’t be committed to arrange them or even attend them so don’t feel shy about making suggestions but, please, only suggest things you would be interested in coming to if the arranged dates are suitable for you.

Your suggestions can be anything and as specific as you like, e.g. wildlife, nature reserve, day tuition, evening talks/instruction, photo walks, seaside visits, studio work, make an AVI etc. They can be repeats of past events or brand new ideas. We will discuss and compare these events, vote on them, and ask for a volunteer (or two) for each chosen event to help organise it. No volunteer(s), no event, it’s that simple.

The group will then put together a timetable.

Ampthill Park by Moira McAneny

If you want to sign up for the Summer Group but can’t make the opening meeting (you will need an exceptionally good excuse and a letter from your mum) that’s OK but you won’t get away lightly. You will need to send in your suggestions, give dates when you can/can’t make summer events and the types of events you are prepared to help arrange. We will factor that into the group discussion and timetable.

SO, if you want any summer events to take place and are prepared to put some effort into it, please join the group. Send me an email, to before 2nd May. All group members will then be issued with their password, secret handshake and learn which trouser leg to roll up.

If you don’t sign-up now then we will assume you are too busy this summer and we look forward to seeing you at the club next October.

BTW if you are reading this and not yet a club member please fell free to email us and join in the Summer Group, we would love to have you along

Many more images from last year’s Summer Events here

Cliff and Ian