Super, Supper Puds – Thank You

This post covers two subjects that I have a tenuous link to.

(1) Cooking: embarrassingly I am a stranger to the kitchen. I once surprised my wife by baking a cake whilst she was out. Being a technically oriented person it looked easy, all I had to do was weigh the ingredients correctly and bake it for the required time. I hadn’t appreciated our old cooker was marked in Fahrenheit and the recipe was in Celsius. A sorry, rather undercooked cake was served. Since then I have been banished from the kitchen and have always appreciated and marvelled at everyone else’s ability to cook.

(2) Battersea: When I am asked where I was born and I tell them Battersea, they inevitably ask “In the dog’s home?”


On the final club evening this year, between two presentations, there was a Fish and Chip supper from Tasty Tuck of Tavistock Street, ably arranged by Bruce.

Following our deep fry-up Moira brought in a choice of three delicious desserts; a host of apple pies, lemon meringues and sticky toffee cakes. Just the thought of cooking 3 different desserts for 26 people scares me. Moira’s puddings were excellent, as tasty as they looked and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you Moira.

Moira would like to thank all members for purchasing her desserts, the proceeds of which went to the Battersea Dogs and Cats home.

The total amount raised was £63.00. This included generous donations from two of our members.