Thames Barge

Thames Barge Match 2019
By Chris Barclay

Photo Vince O’Sullivan, Flickr Creative Commons licence
I am organising an exciting summer event for club members to photograph the annual Thames Barge Match on Saturday 27th July. The traditional sailing barges’ race starts from Pin Mill on the River Orwell and returns a few hours later at their finish line.

Pictures can be had by walking to various points on the banks or booking a place on a boat that keeps up with the racing barges or even on one of the racing boats as crew. You can drive down for the day or make a weekend of it.
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Pin Mill is 1 hour 50 minutes drive and a popular destination for photographers. We expect there will be plenty of time between the start and the finish for landside photographers to explore the area for pictures.
I have much more information on this race and on various options on how you/we can book onto a boat if you prefer.
This will be my first visit to this event and I am currently researching the various options. But right now I am planning to go for the weekend and photograph the event from a boat
Anyone interested in learning more about this day or weekend visit please contact me on as soon as possible and I will keep you updated.
Chris Barclay