The Dog Days of Summer – Photo Op

Want to try your hand at some action Dog Photography?

By Bruce Deacon

We are looking to hold a group summer event for just this.

It is open to both dog owning and non-dog owning members.

We intend to hire a local, private, 2-acre field which has been designed and equipped with doggy obstacles to get some memorable, dog pictures.

This will give members the opportunity to practice tracking, continuous focus, appropriate shutter speed etc. particularly for hounds on the move.

Not sure about how best to do this, other member will help you.

Dog owning members: do you have a friendly, happy dog who would enjoy the run of this field?

Non-dog owning members are also very welcome to come and take photos of your colleagues’ dogs.

The field is considered secure with a 5 foot fence, hedgerows and a 4 foot high gate.

The field is in a quiet lane in Cople (3 miles east of Bedford.)

The hire cost will be shared with all attendees. As the cost is based on £7 / dog / hour the more non-dog owning members who come the lower the cost. Thus £7 is the maximum charge but if we have, for example, 6 dogs and 6 non-dog members it would be £3.50 each or 2 dogs and 6 non-dogs it would be £1.75 each / hour.

We intend to book 1 hour for the initial session to see how it goes. But if we get lots of non-dog members wanting to come we might up that to two hours.

Obviously there are the expected conditions, e.g. every one must sign a comprehensive acceptance form, your dog is your responsibility, you need to check the fence is secure enough for your dog, your dog may spot other dogs and horses passing by on the nearby public bridleway, etc.

The field will be freshly mowed (if we require it) before the event.

We can cancel up to 24 hours before the booking if the weather looks doubtful.

The total cost will be shared by all attendees but will not cost more than£7 per person, probably less

If anyone wants to continue after 60 minutes there is a wood opposite for further pictures…

We think the first trial run of this event will be limited to no more than 6 or 8 dogs with their BCC owners and many more non-dog owning photographers. Annabelle, who runs the field, would love you to share some of your pictures.

If you are interested please let me know, would you bring a dog or come as a non-dog photographer?

If we made a booking for the evening of Tuesday June 11th would this be acceptable for you?

This event is restricted to BCC members (and close relatives) only.

Ian Whiting