Three of Six

Three From Six for 21st November 2017

There are six given challenging images.  The task is to choose up to three of these six images and apply whatever techniques you desire to the images to improve/alter/manipulate/create etc. These images will then be projected on the evening and each author will be asked to summarise what they did and why.

Each image is supplied in JPG and RAW format.

How to Get the Images

You can use either of these two methods, method 1 or method 2…

Method 1

All 12 files (JPG and RAW) can be downloaded in one zip file using this link (file size 131MB)

Method 2

Alternatively if you would prefer to download smaller files you can select the same files using these options

All six JPGs can be downloaded using this link (file size 44MB)

And any of the 6 RAW files can be downloaded individually

Image 1 RAW DNG (12MB)


Image 2 RAW DNG (14MB)


Image 3 RAW DNG (12MB)


Image 4 RAW CR2 (9MB)


Image 5 RAW ORF (16MB)


Image 6 RAW DNG (23MB)


All of the above links are to files in the standard ZIP file format. Most computers will open a ZIP file when you double click it. Otherwise a Windows ZIP utility can be downloaded from

What to Do

You may work from the supplied JPG or RAW file as you prefer. Do only 1 to 3 images (not all 6.)

The RAW files should be readable by recent Photoshop/Elements/Lightroom versions as well as many other image editing programs. If you are unable to open the RAW file you will need to work from the JPG.

It will be very informative, when you come to talk about your work, if you have kept a record of how you went about processing each of your chosen image(s): did you have a clear idea of what you wanted to do, did that materialize or did you change your mind, why, what  filters, software and processing steps did you take.

The final completed JPG image, in the usual 1600 x 1200 pixel format in sRGB, should have your name and the image number in the filename field, e.g. 5_Jane Smith_Image 5.jpg.

Email this image to the standard PDI competition address below (although this is not a competition) by November 14th

Some members might like to keep copies of interim steps to demonstrate their process. If you do please only email in the final image but let me know that you have these other images so that we can arrange some additional facilities for your talk.

We look forward to interesting and informative members’ evening.

Bruce Deacon