Three from Six Submissions

I hope you have been working hard on the “3 from 6” event. Your chance to play havoc with other people’s images. Change them, improve them, have fun or just make them different. What will you do?

The details and where to find the images are here

Select up to three, mess them about and upload the finished image(s) to me at by 14th November.

I’ll prepare a running order and ask each of you to tell the other members what you did to create your image and why.

If you have used some especially interesting procedures you are welcome to include an extra image or two to illustrate each stage of your process. 

All I ask is to please help us to display everyone’s images in the correct sequence for the evening by submitting your images using the normal PDI filename format using underscores to separate out the image number, your name and title as follows

#_Firstname Surname_Image # A.jpg

where the # is the image number (1 to 6) as supplied and the title is always “IMAGE # A” (or B, C etc) which is a sequencing letter should you be submitting a post-processing series for one image.

Examples: if Mary has worked on image 5, and is only submitting the final image then it would be

5_Mary Smith_Image 5 A.jpg

or if Mary is submitting a series of images illustrating stages in her post-processing…

5_Mary Smith_Image 5 A.jpg
5_Mary Smith_Image 5 B.jpg
5_Mary Smith_Image 5 C.jpg

where IMAGE 5 C would be Mary’s final, completed image

This optional sequence of images can be submitted should you wish to show the steps you took whilst post processing; it is best not get into too much detail as you can talk through the slides and explain what you did to get to this stage. I would not expect to see more than 3 or 4 such slides for one image.

I may not show everyone’s image sequence if I feel it is very similar to another member’s process, depending upon the total number of images we will need to get through.

Please submit your images in sRGB format and resized to fit within 1600px wide x 1200px tall, however if smaller along one edge there is no necessity to add black borders for this exercise, it is not a competition.

Remember: email your images as attachments to intcomppdis@bedfordcameracl by 14th November

We look forward to all learning something from each other



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