Uploading Portraits – Warnings

As you know, members attending on Tuesday are asked to upload a selection of their best images to the Photo Entry system, see details here

Please be aware of the following…

I have set the target dimensions to be 6000 x 6000px. You can, and probably will, upload smaller or larger images.

If they are smaller than 6000 x 6000 you will see an amber warning message “TOO SMALL”. Please ignore this message, it just means it is smaller than 6000 x 6000 but that is OK.

If they are larger than 6000 x 6000 that is OK too.

BUT Photo Entry will not allow you to upload an image where the FILE SIZE exceeds 10MB. We can’t change this limitation. If you try it will not upload and you will get a “TOO LARGE” message. This limit should be adequate for 98% of all images. If your file size has exceeded this please save it again at a slightly lower quality setting or reduce the dimensions a little until it comes under the 10MB limit, then upload it.

Just in case you have lots of great photos you would like to pass on to the models the maximum number of entries has been increased from 20 to 40.

Remember all images must be in JPG format and, if you know how to change it, in the sRGB colour profile.

Once again, the club thanks you for taking part and the models, who were all brilliant on the day, are looking forward to seeing all of your best images.

Linda and Ian