Week 14 – Triangles and Mono Flora

Stuck at Home Weekly Image

Week 13 images (Light and Abstract) are due in by midnight tonight (Sunday 28th June), details here

These will be uploaded to a new Event Album on Monday and could be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening.

Week 14 – Triangles and Mono Flora

Two themes for week 14, ‘composition with triangles’ and ‘flora in mono’

1. Triangles

A useful compositional element within an image are “triangles.” These can be actual objects in triangular form or, much more likely, implied triangles. An implied triangle is when three significant points in an image could be connected by imaginary lines, often assisted by part of the subject(s) extending along part of the line (acting as a leading line) toward one of the points, such as an arm or their gaze. The viewer’s eye will, subconsciously, connect the points to form the triangle. I have sketched in some triangles in these small examples to demonstrate where triangles can be found.

Painters will very often arrange or invent the elements of their picture to create these implied connection points. Photographers do not often have this option and need to think ahead or explore what exists to find the optimum composition. When studying pictures in an art gallery find the artist’s connecting elements and lines.

The challenge is to take images that have one or more implied (or actual) triangles. Often this means, if you have the opportunity, to arrange or walk around the subject and find a position where connecting points will make one or more triangles. Then consider whether this is a viewpoint that improves the image or not.

Embedded triangles can bring stability to an image and is one of the compositional elements that move a picture from a snapshot (or record shot) into an image with added interest. Please note, diagonal lines can cause tension in an image (often a useful element) whereas should it complete into a triangle then this can strengthen the image.

Sometimes you may need to draw a tiny bit more attention to these triangular points by adding a tad extra exposure or darken/soften surrounding areas in post-editing.

Not all images need triangles, but your images for this theme should have one or more obvious, implied triangles. There is no need to draw the triangle on your images as per these examples!


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2. Mono Flora

Nine times out of ten flora and flower images are best presented in colour. The second challenge on offer this week is to present flora (trees, wildflowers, flowers, leaves etc) that is best shown in mono.

It is easy to take any picture of a flower and convert it to B&W, slide up the contrast and enjoy the result. But very often the competition judge will say “I would have preferred to see this in colour.”  If your picture would have looked better in colour then it may not have been the best solution to turn it into mono.

You might go mono if there is a lot of distracting colour around the subject or you wish to emphasise the form or texture.

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Enter up to three images which can be of the same theme or a mix and match.

Your pictures are to be taken during the week beginning Monday, June 29th and the closing date is Sunday, 5th July 11.59 pm. Submit to the usual PhotoEntry > Stuck At Home event.

More details on how to submit at bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Optional extras…

Your Title and Comments

Optionally include additional and interesting information about your image, e.g. how you took or processed it, by adding it to the CAPTION in Lightroom (or DESCRIPTION in Photoshop) metadata field. Or send it to me in a separate email and for which image title. These will be seen with your image in the online album. Also the TITLE metadata field can be used to display your title in bold in the online album.


To request a personal critique, from one of the club’s best photographers, of one or more of your images, please email critiques@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk with the TITLE(S) of your image. The critique may be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday unless you state in your email PRIVATE.


The images in the online album are now being added in the same order that you have sequenced them in PhotoEntry, i.e. image 1 of 3 will be the first image of your three in the album, image 2 will be second etc. Thus if you have a sequential “panel” of images they will appear consecutively. However, they may get split over two rows; if this is an issue let me know by email, in advance, and, if you are lucky, I will remember to isolate them into one row.

Your Opportunity to Set the Theme

Each week we are looking for a different member to set the theme. If you would like to have a go please email me and I will send you more details.  Basically you need to (a) select two themes that any member can take part in, even if locked at home, with any type of camera, (b) a short text to describe, and possible ideas on how to approach, the theme, and (c) one or more illustrative images. I will do the rest for you.

Ian Whiting, dev@colink.co.uk