Week 16 – Decay and Dreamy

(Stuck at Home) Weekly Image

Week 15 images (Triptych and Magic of Three) are due in by midnight tonight (Sunday 12th July), details here

These will be uploaded to a new Event Album on Monday and could be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening.

Week 16 – Decay and Dreamy

Two themes again for week 16. Decay and/or Dreamy

1. Decay

I suspect this will be the easier of the two challenges. Decay tends to be everywhere; be it a flower’s last gasp, mould on aged, wet wood, an abandoned or gutted home. Photographers are drawn in by decaying matter. Perhaps it is the urge to capture something that has no tomorrow. But this is not a treasure hunt where we find some decay and record it but as photographers we need to find a different way to present it, thinking about a composition to impress or a unique perspective to surprise and interest the viewer. Will you move in close or contrast decay against its environment?

2. Dreamy

There are many ways to create a dreamy image. Digital editing techniques are often used to create ethereal images, e.g. negative clarity or dehaze filters, an overlaid white layer with selected blend modes, blur and glow filters, desaturation, 3rd party software filters or presets. Other in-camera techniques can be used: misty mornings, smoke, double exposure (e.g. cloud plus landscape), soft-focus, in-camera filters, breathing on the camera lens, vaseline on the lens (beware, vaseline is very difficult to clean off, if using this technique try it on a cheap UV filter instead of the expensive lens.) Your dream might be a nightmare. Or it could just be a photo of what you dream about.







Enter up to three images which can be of the same theme or a mix and match.

Your pictures are to be taken during the week beginning Monday, July 13th and the closing date is Sunday, 19th July 11.59 pm. Submit to the usual PhotoEntry > Stuck At Home event.

More details on how to submit at bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Optional extras…

Your Title and Comments

Optionally include additional and interesting information about your image, e.g. how you took or processed it, by adding it to the CAPTION in Lightroom (or DESCRIPTION in Photoshop) metadata field. Or send it to me in a separate email and for which image title. These will be seen with your image in the online album. Also the TITLE metadata field can be used to display your title in bold in the online album.


To request a personal critique, from one of the club’s best photographers, of one or more of your images, please email critiques@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk with the TITLE(S) of your image. The critique may be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday unless you state in your email PRIVATE.


The images in the online album are now being added in the same order that you have sequenced them in PhotoEntry, i.e. image 1 of 3 will be the first image of your three in the album, image 2 will be second etc. Thus if you have a sequential “panel” of images they will appear consecutively. However, they may get split over two rows; if this is an issue let me know by email, in advance, and, if you are lucky, I will remember to isolate them into one row.

Ian Whiting, dev@colink.co.uk