Week 2 Shadows Are Up

Another top notch selection of images from the BCC members for the week 2 subject: Shadow(s). We received 65 magnificent images from 26 members.

A considerable amount of thought and ingenuity has gone into these images, you have all been brilliant.

There were some popular ideas, e.g. photographing our own shadow with some good variations and careful positioning of objects to make the most interesting shadows. There has also been a lot of humour in the shots. I think one of the hardest subjects to photograph would be “Humorous Photography”. Some photographers really excel at this, Elliot Erwin being one particular favourite, but to be just asked to take an amusing photograph I would find very difficult. Yet obviously not that difficult for everyone else, there are some excellent examples in the Shadows album.

The link for the Shadows Album is:  bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

The picture above is for all those missing Moira’s weekly tea and biscuits.

This weeks subject, WEEK 3, is FOOD. Any subject that is related to food, be it your lunch, the packets in your larder, pet food, bird table or even growing in the garden or nearby field, all count. Once again, no one is judging them, you decide what to put in.

Up to 3 pictures to be taken this week and uploaded to the usual Photo Entry website by Sunday 19th April, 11.59pm.

You will find more information by clicking MORE INFORMATION on bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Don’t forget, these pictures may be discussed at the members’ online ZOOM meeting on Tuesday evening 21st April. John Gough hosts the meeting and will email the ZOOM link to you before the event. I believe you can watch it through your normal browser window but for a better experience download and install the Zoom app first (you only need to do this once.)