Week 3 Final Call and Week 4 Subject

The cut off time for Week 3 images (FOOD) is tonight, Sunday 19th 11.59pm

Week 4

Next week’s theme is a little more challenging, you will need to put your thinking caps on, it is…


I have unashamedly borrowed (with their permission) this theme from the Muench Workshops website…

” Perhaps one of the hardest things to do as a photographer is to learn to compose images that are simple, yet still powerful. Creating a powerful minimalism image is hard because we don’t see minimal scenes with our own eyes.

No matter what technique you use to create a minimalism photo, it will help you become a better overall photographer. This project will result in you learning how to think about different methods of drawing attention to a single element. It will aid you in communicating your story more effectively. The end result, you will be producing better photos when back out in much grander landscapes! “

They provide a good description and excellent ideas/tips for approaching this topic, please take a look at their webpage to help you with this theme as Meunch explain this better than I can.


I have tried to test this week’s subject in advance to get a feel for how well the theme will work. The obvious method is just to use a shallow depth of field such as f/2.8 but you still need to consider the background shapes and colours. Another quick solution is to frame the subject against a clear, blue sky. Different solutions may require more thought, I will be interested in seeing what creative solutions you come up with.

What is Minimalism? Read the help on the Muench website and then, as always, you decide.

Your pictures must be taken during the week beginning April 20th and the closing date is 26th April 11.59pm and submitted to the usual PhotoEntry > Stuck At Home event.

More details on how to submit here bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Happy shooting

BTW the Muench website also has some good, free photographic resources, do take a look. And if you sign up for their newsletter you can not only download their free 60-page E-book, The Art of Seeing by Marc Muench, with stunning landscapes and technique tips but also watch their free Lightroom webinars.