Week 8 – Favourite and Oil and Water

Stuck at Home Weekly Image

Week 7 images (Three Techniques) are due in by midnight tonight (Sunday 17th), details here

These will be uploaded to an Adobe album and may be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening.

Week 8 – Favourite and Oil and Water

The Week 8 the event has been set by Jim Boud…

It is my dubious honour to bring you the next round of our ongoing event.  Thanks for the themes for previous weeks from Ian Whiting, I understand the pressure to come up with the goods.

I have chosen two themes for this week, up to 3 images of one or a mix of both themes

            My favourite thing

            Oil and water

For the first, I have in mind items that you love; a partner, a pet, a plant or a musical instrument, even a tech gadget.  It can be shot in lightbox type surroundings or in its environment.

For the second, more imagination will produce better results.  Oil and water famously do not mix but when in the same container the surface tension produces attractive patterns on the surface.

Highlighting the surface makes a striking image. The surface tension can be modified by adding a drop of washing up liquid to the mix and physical intervention eg by blowing air through a straw can disturb the surface and create new patterns.  Colour can be added by placing the oil and water in a glass dish and placing the dish on coloured paper or even tablet. Modification using Photoshop or similar provides further possibilities.

This links to an article which gives you some ideas of what others have achieved.


Good luck!  – Jim Boud


Enter up to three images, they can be of the same technique or a mix and match. Can anyone capture one image comprising of all three?

Your pictures to be taken during the week beginning Monday, May 18th and the closing date is Sunday, 24th May 11.59 pm. Submit to the usual PhotoEntry > Stuck At Home  event.

More details on how to submit at bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Optional extras…

Your Comments

Optionally add additional and interesting information about your image, e.g. how you took or processed it, by adding it to the CAPTION metadata field (apologies: last week I used the wrong metadata field name.) Or send it to me in a separate email and for which image title. These will be seen with your image in the online album. Also the TITLE metadata field can also be used to display your title in bold in the Adobe album.


To request a personal critique, from one of the club’s best photographers, of one or more of your images, please email critiques@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk with the TITLE(S) of your image. The critique may be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday unless you state in your email PRIVATE.


The images in the online album are now being added in the same order that you have sequenced them in PhotoEntry, i.e. image 1 of 3 will be the first image of your three in the album, image 2 will be second etc. Thus if you have a sequential “panel” of images they will appear consecutively. However, they may get split over two rows; if this is an issue let me know by email, in advance, and, if you are lucky, I will remember to isolate them into one row.

Your Opportunity to Set the Theme

Each week we are looking for a different member to set the theme. If you would like to have a go please email me and I will send you more details but basically you need to (a) select a theme that any member can take part in, even if locked at home with any type of camera, (b) a short text to describe, and possible ideas on how to approach, the theme, and (c) one to three illustrative images. I will do the rest for you.

Ian Whiting, dev@colink.co.uk