The Home Page Slider Images

The chosen images for our Home page slider have been drastically cropped to fit the letter-box aperture.

Please note: even after an image has been cropped to fit the Home page slider we still have no control over exactly how it will be displayed. The software goes on to “smart crop” the image to fit it into the slider based upon the end viewer’s full-width browser window size. This can change from a small mobile phone screen to a large desktop monitor. You can observe this happening if you change your browser window size by dragging it in from the edges.

Click here for album of the images before they were cropped…

All images are copyright of the original author and may not be downloaded or used without their explicit permission.

How do we select the images?

Images are normally chosen from the members’ top scoring images in our competitions. We only use images that were fully 1600px wide as a narrower, portrait format image will be too small for the slider. We subjectively filter these for images that are still interesting after being severely cropped into this letterbox format. Finally, a few are chosen that offer a varied and representative selection.

If any member has an image they feel would be just right for the Home Page slider please email it to me as an attachment for consideration the next time we re-select the panel. The image must be JPG, sRGB, 100% quality and between 1600px and 2600px wide (preferably 2600ppx if you have it.)

If the author of one of our chosen Home Page slider images would prefer it was not used, let me know which one it is and I will take it out.