A Wonderful Opportunity for the BCC..!

The BCC has been offered exhibit space on the 1st floor of the Bromham Mill (Bridge End, Bromham, Bedford MK43 8LP).  We have accepted their offer, and are looking forward to showing our efforts to the local community!  But there will be work involved, so anyone wishing to exhibit will also be required to provide helping hands throughout the process.  No help, no image(s).

Here are the particulars;

  • Hanging date will be Saturday, June 2nd 2018; takedown will be on Sunday, July 1st.
  • We are responsible for hanging our own images.
  • The wall space has room for approximately 40 prints (50cm x 40cm).
  • Prints are to be secured only to the wood batons, not on the plaster.
  • Prints must be for sale (author decides the price).
  • The Bromham Mill will take a 20% commission on all sales.  This money goes directly to the parish council and helps to keep the mill a going concern.
  • The Mill has a small cafe for tea, coffee and cakes, and is open, as is the gallery, 7 days a week, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m.  The gallery on the 1st floor will only be staffed by us.  
  • The above fact will necessitate a rota.  We will be active on the site for thirty (30) days, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.  Those members who will be exhibiting their work will be required to put in at least one (1) day (and maybe two (2) days) to staff the room, hand out information about the BCC, answer questions, and provide eyes-on ‘security’ for the images during their opening hours.  If you are not willing to put in at least one day for this duty, please refrain from providing any images for display and possible sale.
  • Prints will be required to be framed as well as mounted (as we do with any internal print competition).  Frames must all be the same, so a suitable frame will be decided by the Committee, and each person submitting one or more images will be required to pay for their frame(s) prior to their being ordered.
  • Considering the probable costs of printing, mounting, and the frame around your image, it’s reasonable to assume that providing an image in this exhibit will cost in the neighborhood of £15-£20.  When you consider the 20% commission, you should price your print(s) accordingly.
  • In order to be ready to hang our images on the allotted date, we must have all the initial work completed by about the 20th of May, which gives us only four months to do this.  Yes, four months sounds like plenty of time, but for those of us who’ve worked on recent BCC exhibitions, we know that time slips by very quickly.
  • Further updates and announcements relevant to this project will be forthcoming at club meetings and through e-mails.  So that we might get an idea of how many of you are interested in participating in this effort, there’ll be a sign-up sheet at future club meetings to express your interest.

Posted 12th January 2018 by Cliff Harvey