Albums, Gallery and Portfolios

Albums, Gallery and Portfolios

Often, after a “photo shoot”, we would like to share our best shots with our family, friends or clients.

For Lightroom (LR) users who subscribe to the Adobe Photography Plan there are three included ways to quickly do this and, as it’s already included, it’s free.

  1. Albums: create and share individual selections of your images: example Album
  2. Gallery: A simple, single link to a collection of your selected albums: example Gallery
  3. Portfolio: up to 5 websites of your favourite images and albums: example Portfolio

You will already be paying for these three features, so why not use them?

Want to learn? I will run a Zoom workshop for members on how to create albums, a gallery and a portfolio. I am guessing it will last around 90 minutes. I will cover the basic steps to create these, nothing too advanced.

Remember, you do need to be an Adobe Cloud subscriber to use these apps. If you have the up-to-date Lightroom and Photoshop apps then you most probably are.

The workshop will cover…

  • Creating a basic collection in LR Classic
  • Uploading selected images to Adobe cloud space
  • The Adobe Cloud space, what is it?
  • Albums – create and share individual selections of images
  • Gallery – A simple collection of selected albums
  • Portfolios – create your own websites of selected albums and images
  • Briefly where LR Mobile fits into this

Please email me if you would like to join the workshop, tentatively it is scheduled for Wednesday 26th May at 7.15pm, but this is still to be confirmed.

Ian Whiting