April 13th Internal Open Competition now a *Print* and PDI Competition UPDATE

To all members of the Bedford Camera Club


We are trying to find a way to incorporate printed images in our internal club competitions, but the pandemic has so far prevented us from doing that.  The good news is that for our last competition of the season we will trial a system that will enable us to submit printed images that will be viewed and scored by the judge along with the submitted PDIs.


With a team effort we have a way to make it happen!
 This is how it will work.  The last competition of the season is on the 13th of April (images due by midnight on the 6th of April).  It’s Seasonal Points #5 with an ‘Open’ theme.  During this last competition of the season, we will be having a prints section as well as the usual PDI section.


For this one specific competition, you will be allowed to submit either;


one (1) print and two (2) PDIs, or, one (1) PDI and two (2) prints.  You may of course submit just up to two (2) PDIs and no prints, but for this one specific competition, if you care to, you will also be allowed to submit up to two (2) prints and no PDIs.  Your choice.


The judging will be via a Zoom link, but the judge will be in possession of the physical prints.


Should you choose to enter this portion of the competition, your prints must be A4 size only.  This will allow posting (if necessary) to the judge.  The image on the A4 page can be any dimension within that A4 size, but the image itself must be at least 300 square cm in size.


Your print(s) will not need to be mounted for this competition, but the print(s) must be able to rigidly stand on their own for the judge to review.  Caveat: it should be understood that if the print(s) are ever to be used in a standard internal or external competition, it/they will need to adhere to the mount requirements for our regular print competitions, ie., 40cm x 50cm mounts, etc.


There should be a label on the back of each print, in the upper left hand corner.  The label should clearly identify the competition name (i.e., Seasonal Points #5), the competition date, the title of the print, and the author’s name.


There will be one or more collection points for your print(s), and the member or their proxy will need to deliver it/them to (one of) the collection point(s), either in person or by post.  After delivery, the print(s) will be given to the judge for consideration and judging on the evening.


After the competition, the prints will be returned to the club in some manner, where they will be distributed back to the authors at the earliest opportunity.


There will be no minimum number of entrants before the competition can proceed (i.e., if only 5-10 people submit prints, the competition for prints will be from those 5-10 authors).


As this is the last competition of the season, and the Seasonal Points trophy winners will be announced, the lucky winner of the prints competition will in fact be the winner of the Seasonal Points Prints trophy for 2021..!  Now that’s an incentive to print and submit if we’ve ever seen one..!
Have Fun 
   – Ian M 


Ian McKenzie

Internal Competitions Secretary


07786 31181