Internal Competition Schedule for Next Season 2021 -2022

Hello All 
 I hope you are enjoying the summer!
Please see below the competition schedule for next season and the link to same on the club website
Note – This is the initial plan for 2021-22 season. Some changes may be made before the season starts or during the season depending upon circumstances due to Covid-19 restrictions. Currently, where no physical meetings are possible, the print side of the competition may not run and the PDIs will be judged remotely. Any changes or revised details will be announced as and when the future becomes clearer.
The Competitions will be available on Photo Entry in August.
Any issues please do not hesitate to contact me. 
      – Ian M 
Internal Competition Secretary  
07786 311838

Competition Information

Hello All

 Please see below a summary note of the remaining competitions for the current season.


Current Competition standings, results and images can be seen on 

Have fun 

     – Ian M 

April 13th Internal Open Competition now a *Print* and PDI Competition UPDATE

To all members of the Bedford Camera Club


We are trying to find a way to incorporate printed images in our internal club competitions, but the pandemic has so far prevented us from doing that.  The good news is that for our last competition of the season we will trial a system that will enable us to submit printed images that will be viewed and scored by the judge along with the submitted PDIs.


With a team effort we have a way to make it happen!
 This is how it will work.  The last competition of the season is on the 13th of April (images due by midnight on the 6th of April).  It’s Seasonal Points #5 with an ‘Open’ theme.  During this last competition of the season, we will be having a prints section as well as the usual PDI section.



[11,3] Competition November 17th – Submissions by November 10th

Hello All

 I trust you enjoyed Simon’s talk this past Tuesday, and now feel inspired to create monochrome landscapes for our next internal competition!

The next Competition, a “monochrome” only event, is November 17th with up to 3 pdi entries to be submitted by November 10th. 

The competition will be judged by Jonathan Vaines AFIAP CPAGB LRPS

Please note you may submit 3 pdis per person, however if we exceed an overall entry greater than 80 we will cull to a maximum of 2 pdis per person so please be aware per below and take appropriate action.

The plan is do this in Photo Entry and the method used will be per below from the PE faq’s


“…it is not uncommon to end up with more Entries than a judge can comfortably cope with, and the administrator needs to be able to cull some Entries out. This is normally done according to a “priority” order that each User sets for his/her Entries. It has always been possible to do this manually, but there is now a Cull Entries action available to help.

The prerequisite is to ensure that Users have their Entries in descending order of priority – i.e. with the highest priority at the top of their Entry list. If necessary, the User can use the little blue buttons beside each Entry to re-order them…


The Internal competitions are summarised here    any questions please ask on Whataspp or email to

 Have fun, 

– Ian M 

Ps due to the current Covid situation we are not running the print competitions until further notice. 

Please Note, only members that have a current subscription are eligible to enter Internal or External competitions

Seasonal Points Competition Deadline Reminder

… Competition  reminder…

I hope you feel inspired by Andrea Hargreaves talk!

Entries for the first internal seasonal points competition must be submitted by midnight Tuesday October 20th.  This “open” competition can be found on Photo Entry group heading “Seasonal Points 2020-21”. You may submit up to 3 entries with points awarded counting towards your overall season total. Kathy Chantler will Judge the competition at our zoom meeting Tuesday October 27th.

Please Note, only members that have a current subscription are eligible to enter Internal or External competitions.

I look forward to seeing your entries

Have fun

       Ian M.

Ian McKenzie

*Important* Please read, you are the judge!

To all Members of Bedford Camera Club
Judging – Summer Events Competition. The Lockdown Season


Inline image

The competition closed for entries on Tuesday night and we would now like to ask members to judge each of the images entered with a mark of 1 to 20 by midnight Sunday October 4th. We will then review the image scores at our meeting on Tuesday October 6th and declare the winner,

 To view the entries and score each image please login into Photo Entry


Competition Deadline Reminders


…A couple of reminders

Firstly, entries for the Summer Event Competition “The Season in Lockdown” must be submitted by midnight Tuesday September 29th.  The competition can be found on Photo Entry group heading Other Internal Competitions 2020-21. You may submit up to 3 entries of any picture taken from March 25th, 2020 through to September 29th, 2020. The winner gets to retain the Summer Events Cup for 1 year.