Stuck at Home – Week 1 album


The club members have really stepped up to the mark. All the images submitted to our week 1 Stuck At Home Event have been nothing short of excellent.

I have had some short paragraphs kindly submitted to explain what, how or why they took one or more of their images, these images have been isolated to precede their images with their text. But due to my incompetence I managed to mislay those paragraphs sent to me. I have recovered two, (Bruce and Chris H.) If you have sent one and it is not in the album, I do apologise, please send it me again and I’ll update the album.

The images are in the author’s name sequence, click a thumbnail to view full screen, click the I (letter eye) icon to view the author’s name and title, and right arrow to move forward.

The link to the album can be found in the club’s GALLERY > EVENTS webpage

The new theme this week is SHADOW(S), pictures must be taken this week, closing date April 12th, upload to the usual PhotoEntry website. If you wish to say something about your image(s) please email it to me and I’ll try my best to take better care of it this time.


Stuck At Home Photo Week 2

Week 1’s theme was MACRO/CLOSE UP. The closing date is tonight, 5th April, 11.59pm. The album will go online on Monday and the link will be found on this page

The Week 2 theme of our Stuck at Home Photo Event will be SHADOW(S)

The closing date will be April 12th 11.59pm. Photos have to be taken in the week before. Submit your photos by the usual PhotoEntry website. 


Stuck At Home Week 1 Photos

This is just a reminder that the very first Members’ Stuck At Home Weekly Photo event closes on Sunday evening at 11.59pm. We are getting some good feedback and several images submitted already.

The first theme is MACRO (though Nigel has suggested CLOSE UP would be a better description and I agree with him.) Get in close and see what you can photograph.


Self Isolation Tut’s

If you are looking for something to do when it is raining (or after you have finished redecorating the house) there are many good, photographic, video tutorials on the net. Some sites worth exploring…


Creative Live – Many paid, classroom style tutorials running from 1 hour to 3 days each. If you purchase a course it can be watched online or the videos downloaded to your PC; I suggest you do the latter as one never knows if the organisation will go out of business. Be aware, some are a few years old, I suggest you find the last page of the reviews to see when the first review was posted, if you are learning a software package, e.g. Photoshop, an old tutorial will be using an older version of the software although the content may still be relevant. They run a daily free viewing of one of their tutorials, usually starting at about 4pm or 5pm and running on a repeat loop until the next afternoon. You can find the current list of free videos being run from the CLASSES > ON AIR NOW menu. They also do a monthly and annual subscription deal whereby all videos are available online for that month/year.


Adorama – This is a photographic shop based in New York, USA. They have many free video tutorials on their Adorama TV YouTube channel. These run from 3 minutes to 90 minutes long.


B&H – This is also a photographic shop based in New York, USA. They have many free video tutorials on their B&H Events site. These are often 60 to 120 minutes long by very well known photographers.


Adobe TV – Many free tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom


The Photoshop Training Channel – Run by Jesus Ramirez, many free and some paid tutorials on Photoshop, well worth learning new techniques from


The BBC I-Player has interesting programmes on Photography in general, try: The Genius of Photography (5 years old, no longer on I-Player but this archive site has it) and The Age of The Image (also currently on BBC 4)  –  Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love and War  


The Open University has some free courses and articles: Detecting Fake Images  –  Reading Visual Images  –  Designing the User Interface, Text, Colour, Images…  –  Word and Image  –  A Brief History of the Lens  –  Seeing a Life Through a Lens


Many more ideas on our BCC Resources page under TUTORIALS and our BCC How To page


Happy viewing



Portrait Evening

On March 10th Cliff is arranging a portrait evening. This is a fun, practical workshop for everyone.

There will be 2 or more setups with off-camera strobe lights where you can practice photographing the models.

If you would like more information I have put together some notes to explain what happens and how you can get the most out of the experience.

Portrait Shoot Evening Notes (PDF)

Any questions please ask me, Cliff or Jim Boud

Backup Talk Slides

A copy of the relevant slides from the short Backup talk to be given on 28th January 2020 are here…

There are links to two backup apps (Macrium Reflect that I use and Easus which I have not used but is recommended by Ask Leo) plus the links for various articles by Ask Leo (he makes good sense.)

This talk was not a comprehensive discussion and only from a Windows 10 home user’s point of view, although a similar approach applies to Apple users.






Capturing Cumbria

If you enjoy landscape/rural photography there is a pleasant, non-technical, 20 minute radio broadcast on BBC iPlayer where Amy Bateman, farmer and photographer, talks about her photographic life.

Amy has won numerous photographic awards including the overall winner of the most recent, prestigious British Life Photography competition. The exhibition has been touring Britain throughout 2019. Amy says she takes about 5-6,000 photographs each week.


London Regatta Concern

In August we posted a photo op re the London Regatta to be held this coming Sunday. Sara tells us it’s not quite turning out to be as she had anticipated and she doesn’t want any anyone to waste their time.

I have removed the link from our club calendar. If you were intending to go please check it will meet your expectations.