London Regatta Concern

In August we posted a photo op re the London Regatta to be held this coming Sunday. Sara tells us it’s not quite turning out to be as she had anticipated and she doesn’t want any anyone to waste their time.

I have removed the link from our club calendar. If you were intending to go please check it will meet your expectations.



IGPOTY in Luton

The International Garden Photographer of the Year print exhibition is to be held at Stockwood Park Discovery Centre, Luton from September 23rd to November 24th.

Always worth a visit

Free parking and entry



Garden Photography

Early Morning, Autumn Garden Photography – This Thursday

It is generally acknowledged that the best time for garden photography is at dawn, especially with the rising sun, mists or frosts. Unfortunately we rarely get the opportunity to do this in large private gardens.


RPS Advisory Day

From Jonathan Vaines…

If you are thinking of doing a RPS distinction then a great place to learn the mechanics of the process and understand the standard required is by attending an Advisory day as an Observer.

We have plenty of room at our next advisory day which will be held in Foxton on November 10th 2019.