Before Your Very Eyes – Photoshop

We (a small BCC team of, for the want of a better term, “PS Guides”) are starting some Zoom sessions on processing an image using Photoshop (PS) which can include Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw.

In each session the PS Guide will work through your image, taking it from start to finish, in a 1 to 1 session. Other club members will be invited to watch and may also ask questions.

These sessions will NOT be tutorials on how to do one particular effect; the web already offers such tutorials by the thousands.

This is aimed at both BCC members who are starting out with PS and those who have more experience yet are interested in seeing what someone else might do with their image…

How This Will Work:

  1. Members submit images (preferably RAW)
  2. A PS Guide selects an image or two from those submitted and agrees with the author a mutually accepted day/time for a Zoom session.
  3. The agreed day/time and the session’s Zoom link will be emailed to all BCC members who are welcome to join the event
  4. On Zoom, with you, the Guide works through PS, step by step, on how they would process this image. You can ask questions as it goes along, as can others attending the session.

How to Submit an Image

Submit your images (max 3 per member, straight out of camera, not pre-processed) and any optional suggestions to Either attach the images to an email or send via We Transfer.

If your image is amongst those selected you will be contacted by your PS Guide.


The Zoom session are expected to be no more than 30 or 40 minutes

There is no fixed day or time for each session. A session will run on a mutually agreed date and time between the Guide and the image author.

It is not intended to be a critique, the Guide will just be processing the submitted image

Only submit an image that you have taken, and as it came straight out of the camera. Do not pre-process it in any way. Preferably the image will be in RAW but if you only photograph in JPG then so be it.

Initially this is limited to no more than 3 images per member. Not all images will be selected.

Optionally, each image can include a short suggestion on why you have submitted this image, such as “How would I make this into a competition entry?”, “How would you make this B&W?”, “How can I also remove the road sign?” or “How would I also correct the colours?” “What would you do with this image?” The Guide may or may not take any notice of this.

Hopefully you will learn something new on using PS to process your image.

The PS Guide will be an “experienced” Photoshop user but may not consider themselves to be an advanced or an expert user. They will feel competent at what they are showing.

Normally the PS Guide will record the session (please remind them) so the member can review the process afterwards. The recording can be made available to other members upon request.

Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw will often be part of the processing.

This is an experiment. The sessions may cease at any time depending upon demand, the PS Guides availabilities or too much abuse is hurled at the PS Guides 😉

Any member who feels they have something to offer can volunteer to be a PS Guide (email me.) Currently Bruce, John Pegram and myself (Ian Whiting) are volunteering.


Can I use the image created by the Guide in a competition?

No. You cannot enter an image that someone else has processed for you. However, having now learnt what to do, you can process the original image again, using the suggested steps and change any if you want to make it your very own. Then your own processed image can be entered into a competition.

Will my image now win a competition?

It might but we all know most judges have exceptionally poor eyesight and award incorrect scores 😉

Will the image be better/the best?

Unlikely. It will be the PS Guides choice of how they would process your image. You may not like the result but hopefully it will have been useful.

Would someone else do something better?

Likely. All such processing is subjective and everyone has differing opinions


Ian Whiting