Closing date for “My Best of 2021”

Our next club meeting is on Tuesday 4th January at 7.30. This will be a Members Evening where we will be taking a look at the “My Best of 2021” images submitted by members. The closing date for submissions is midnight tomorrow (31st December) so you still have time to send us your images for discussion.

This will be a Zoom only event and there will be no activity at the school. We’ll send the link for the Zoom meeting to members in a few days.

 You’ll be able to enter your images via the usual PhotoEntry section on the website and you’ll find this event listed under Winter 2021-22 Themed Events. You can submit one, two or three images but remember to submit them in your order of preference as, depending on how many entries we receive, we might not have time to show them all.

 When your image is shown on the screen, you can explain why you consider it to be your best or most important image.  It might be an emotional shot, a unique documentary shot, a comical street shot, anything really!  It can be straight out of your camera, or heavily processed; it just needs to be what you consider to be among your best images recorded during this past year.

 So, have a look at your work during 2021, pick those favourite images, and submit them for all to see and comment on!