Covid 19

From 16th March 2020 we have been advised that our venue, Scott Primary School, has discontinued all lettings until further notice in response to the Coronavirus issues.  This means that all of our scheduled meetings between now and at least through September 2020 of this year have been cancelled

Our speakers and judges who were booked for dates during that time will be or have been notified, and when we have more updated information, will likely be re-booked next season

Similarly, our exhibition will be postponed until (probably) March or April of 2021

More details have been emailed to members

To reiterate, there will be no in-person club meetings nor an exhibition until they are safe to resume

We are very sorry about this situation which is outside of our control.

Meanwhile, starting in March 2020, the club has been running regular online meetings, events and talks, via Zoom. In addition, some experienced members have taken to holding online workshops and teaching via Zoom. Also, regular photographic challenges are run to keep members’ itchy trigger fingers exercised whether they are self-isolating at home or able to get out and about, please see our weekly image page.

Starting in October 2020 we have a full online meeting programme for our 2020-21 season. Join us for competitions and amazing talks, see our programme page

We thank you for your understanding

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