BCC Event Albums

Image albums from club events.
To submit images for an album please see the guidelines at the foot of this page

When an event album is created all who attended the event are invited to submit images for the album. Typically we ask for 1 to 10 images per member and tell us which album they are for. Your name and any title must be included in the image filename, e.g. Jane Smith - Keysoe Gallop.jpg

Image file: JPG, max 1600 x 1200, sRGB  - larger images or those not in sRGB or JPG format will probably not be added to the album.

Only open to current club members or those specifically invited to add to a particular album.

This is not a competition, we will publish all (acceptable, editor's decision is final) images

If you wish you may overlay a watermark on the image but, please, not to the extent that it seriously detracts from the enjoyment of the image.

Send images in a zip file, attachments or via We Transfer to eventpics@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk