ICM Talk

ICM (intentional camera movement) photography is one of this week’s Stuck at Home event subjects (closing Sunday May 17th)

By a fortuitous coincidence the Light and Land newsletter today including this link to one of their leaders, the gold medal winner Charlotte Bellamy, who specialises in ICM, to her free, video Guild talk.

It is over an hour and is well worth watching. If you think ICM is just moving the camera about when you press the shutter, think again.

She has many important guidelines including: the picture should be a good, strong image when the camera isn’t moving, the movement needs to be planned, the ICM must add to the image

Charlotte talks through many of her beautiful ICM images. Two of the things you can take from these are: their emotional content and, although she used ICM, you know what the picture is about, it is not just a blurry mess. I never considered using a tripod for an ICM picture before.

The Light and Land newsletter extract…

The Art of ICM and Creative Photography. A webinar presented by Charlotte Bellamy, for The Guild of Photographers.

Charlotte was due to be co-leading our Windmills and Tulips Tour with Sue Bishop this spring, but alas, it was not meant to be. Instead, like many of our leaders, she has made great use of technology and has been able to present a talk online for the Guild of Photographers. 

You don’t need to be a member to view the webinar but you will need to register your details to watch the recording. 

The link to the recording for desktop is here

Shared screen view for anybody on other devices here:

Charlotte also references work by Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey (Valda’s link would not work for me, hopefully it will be fixed by the time this post goes out)