Image Titles

How do you give titles to your images?

Mostly I tend not to give it much thought and go for the obvious, describing what is in the picture, e.g. Blue Flower or Sunset or, heaven forbid, Approaching Storm

But the title is more important than just a way to identify the image and I should give it more thought than I do afford it.

Competition judges will sometimes mention the appropriateness or otherwise of a title, or even ridicule it. They will also take more interest in the title if they are having a problem understanding an image.

John Paul Caponigro has recently covered this subject in two short articles. His second one “How to Title Your Images” provides a decent checklist of title styles that can help you create an image title. Also see his first article How I Title My Images

Should an image presented in a club competition warrant a different style of title to one you wish to sell in a gallery? Discuss.