*Important* Please read, you are the judge!

To all Members of Bedford Camera Club
Judging – Summer Events Competition. The Lockdown Season


Inline image

The competition closed for entries on Tuesday night and we would now like to ask members to judge each of the images entered with a mark of 1 to 20 by midnight Sunday October 4th. We will then review the image scores at our meeting on Tuesday October 6th and declare the winner,

 To view the entries and score each image please login into Photo Entry

 Select “main menu”

Then “other internal competitions 2020-21

Then “the season in lockdown” 

Select “view entries for all users”

Then select “view 76 entries” 

You will then see the viewing screen with the first image. 

In the bottom right-hand corner, you can select a score from the dropdown box for each image between 1 and 20 (20 being the highest mark, we normally score images between 12 and 20). 

You can then scroll through the images applying your scores


We suggest you scroll through the images without scoring then start again to add the scores.


If the image is your own, please mark the image with a score of “20”


When you have finished viewing and scoring select “exit viewing” in the top right corner of the viewing screen


The scores you provide are logged to a spreadsheet. Other members will not know what scores you have given.


Judging is open to all members. Please allow yourself plenty of time to add your scores.  If you have any comments on images, please note them and if appropriate on the 6th there may be opportunity to share and discuss those notes.


The Competition was won last year by Ian Whiting.


Have fun!

Ian McKenzie