Internal Competitions 2020-21

This is the initial plan for 2020-21 season. Some changes may be made before the season starts or during the season depending upon circumstances due to Covid-19 restrictions. Currently, where no physical meetings are possible, it is likely that the print side of the competition may not run and the PDIs will be judged remotely. Any changes or revised details will be announced as and when the future becomes clearer.

Download BCC 2020-21 Competition Preliminary Schedule vsn 3


Ian McKenzie, Competitions Secretary


Last season’s details are below for members information…

Internal Competitions 2019-20

The club organises a variety of competitions throughout its season. The entry requirements vary, but they allow plenty of opportunity for exhibiting prints and projected digital images (PDIs) in both colour and monochrome format.  Read about the competitions and rules <here>


Seasonal Points Competitions

There are 5 competitions of this style, three of which are open subject while two have a theme.  Members may enter 2 Prints and 1 PDI or 1 print and 2 PDIs in each competition.  A cumulative points system operates with a cup being awarded for each class at the end of the season.

Open:             15th October 2019, 4th February 2020, and 7th April 2020

Themed:        17th December 2019 (Wheel or Wheels), 25th February 2020 (Long Exposure)


Points of View

This is a two part competition. Usually a location is selected and members are given up to 6 subjects to photograph in or near that location on a particular day. Members then submit their set of PDIs which form the basis of a competition evening. The images are scored in rounds. The member with the highest cumulative score wins the trophy.

It takes place on the 13th October 2019; subjects, times and meeting point TBA

The competition is held at the club, on the 3rd December  2019   


Architects Association Trophy

This is a PDI competition with a nominated subject. Members may enter a maximum 3 PDIs. The trophy is awarded to the 1st placed image

Set Subject:   14th January 2020 – subject is Consensus in Architecture

NB the subject for 2020-21 season will be Silhouettes in Architecture, date TBA


Philip Lepper Trophy

This is a PDIs ONLY competition with a nominated subject. Members may enter a maximum 3 PDIs. The trophy is awarded to the member with the highest accumulated score from three entered images

Set Subject:  24th March 2020 – subject is Abstract


Stan Searle Trophy

This is a PDIs only competition with a nominated subject. Members may enter a maximum 3 PDIs. The trophy is awarded to the 1st placed image

Set Subject:   5th November 2019 – subject is Person or People


Exhibition 2020

To be held at The Basement at Bunyan, Mill Street, Bedford 21st April until 2nd May; open Tuesdays to Saturdays. Maximum 3 prints and 4 PDIs per member, submitted through your usual PhotoEntry account, by 17th March 2020 at the latest.

Theme: Open

All PDIs and print PDIs must conform to standard club competition sizes and rules

The prints and PDIs will be judged but all members will be guaranteed at least 1 print and 1 PDI will be selected for each member.

Selected prints will need to be mounted and framed using the standard black frames as used at the Bromham Exhibitions 2018 and 2019. If you do not have enough black frames please email for further information, there may be some loaners available.

More detailed information has been sent to all members who have expressed an interest in submitting for the exhibition, if you need another copy please email


Further Information

Internal Competitions 2019 – 20(PDF)

For further explanation of competition themes go to Competition Judge and Member Brief(PDF)