Members’ Flickr Group

A Bedford Camera Club FLICKR Group page has been created for members to upload, share and comment on each other’s images.

You will need your own FLICKR account (this is free.) Once signed into your account open the group page

and request membership if needed

You can upload as many photos as you like to your own FLICKR account. From these select those you wish to add to the BCC group pool.

It would be useful to include a TAG to any images you add, #summer for Summer Activity images, #mono for mono sub-group images and #advice for any images you are adding for member’s comments, advice or help. I hope members will occasionally search the group for #advice and offer assistance where possible.

The number of images you can add to the BCC group is limited to 5 per week. It is better to add only one or two of your best images from an event, if other members would like to see more from you they can click through and directly browse your account.

A PDF with full instructions on how to open a FLICKR account and upload images, <click here> (updated 4th February 2014.)