We are the Bedford Camera club, a medium sized group of individuals who meet at the Scott Lower School (Bedford, Hawk Drive, MK41 7JA) on Tuesday evenings through the winter months, when lectures, competitions or members evenings are the usual format and through the summer season, when going out and about is the order of the day, all with the intention of enjoying and improving our photography.

We always welcome new members whether novice or experienced and hope that we can encourage them to broaden the art and get better results from their camera.

The club year begins in October of each year and finishes 7 months later around the end of April although we normally run a casual, voluntary programme of outside events through the summer May to October.

The standard annual membership is £60, £30 for a student, and £100 for couples 

Those joining between April 1st and December 31st the annual membership fee which lasts until the October of the following year

Those joining between January 1st and March 31st pay half the annual rate.


Joining anytime between April and December 2018 will cost a full year’s membership fee of £60 (£30 student or £100 couple) fee and will take you through to October 2019
Joining January 1st to May 31st 2019 will cost £30 (£15 student or £50 couple) and take you through to October 2019

Members can attend almost all “winter” evening talks, competitions and workshops free of charge. Guests and visitors attending our ‘winter’ evening events will be asked for a contribution of £3+ (sometimes a little more for special lectures, please watch the web site for details.) This fee is deductible from their membership subscription should they proceed to join. 

We are a friendly group and the cost represents good value compared with some of the evening classes you see advertised. So how about it, why not come along one evening?

A membership subscription form is available here <Members subscription form>

We enjoy a full calendar of Internal Competitions for members 

 The full Club Programme for each week of 2018 – 2019 is here