Summer Events Update 2 August 2021

Summer Events Update – Kathy Brown's Garden

Visit to Kathy Brown's Garden now on 10 August 2021.

This is an update to arrangements to visit Kathy Brown's Garden

The proposed visit for 27 July was postponed due to forecast bad weather.  It has been rearranged for the evening of 10 August when the weather should be dry and warm.  So, there is another opportunity to take part in the visit.  Please get in touch with Linda via if you would like to add your name to the list.  Previous need not reapply.

Jim Boud

Box End Images Wanted

Hi folks. 
Many of you attended our summer evening at Box End and I hope that you enjoyed it and managed to get some good images. 
When arranging the evening I was asked by the team at Box End if we would let them have some photographs in return for letting us come along. 
Please can you support this request by selecting some of your pictures to send to them? Their members enjoy seeing the pictures that we take and I think it’s important to support them in return for letting us use them as a summer event
If you haven’t done so yet, and would like to share some images on the Club’s Event album and for Box End, please upload them now to Summer 2021 Events > Box End on your Photo Entry account. The album closes on Tuesday 27th. The max upload limit has been increased to 10.
(If you have already uploaded images to the P.E. album but don’t wish to share them with the Box End wakeboarders please remove them before the 27th)
The link to the Club Events 2021 album is here
Help on using Photo Entry here
I and the Box End wakeboarders are looking forward to seeing your shots
Many thanks

Summer Events Update 21July 2021

Summer Events Update 21 July 2021

This is an update to my Newsletter of 15 July 2021

The latest list of events is here, and a list of Photo opportunities is here.

Duxford Summer Air Show

The summer airshow is being held this coming weekend and should provide good photo ops. Not a Summer Event but mentioned for your info. Link
Visits to Priory Park and Segenhoe Church

This is a second call for expressions of interest in a visit to Priory Park and/or Segenhoe Church.  We need a few more takers for a visit during August.  Please contact if you would like an event to be arranged.

Share your images

Don't forget to share your images via Photo Entry and see those of others at

Jim Boud

Image Titles

How do you give titles to your images?

Mostly I tend not to give it much thought and go for the obvious, describing what is in the picture, e.g. Blue Flower or Sunset or, heaven forbid, Approaching Storm

But the title is more important than just a way to identify the image and I should give it more thought than I do afford it.

Competition judges will sometimes mention the appropriateness or otherwise of a title, or even ridicule it. They will also take more interest in the title if they are having a problem understanding an image.

John Paul Caponigro has recently covered this subject in two short articles. His second one “How to Title Your Images” provides a decent checklist of title styles that can help you create an image title. Also see his first article How I Title My Images

Should an image presented in a club competition warrant a different style of title to one you wish to sell in a gallery? Discuss.


Summer Event Images

Summer 2021 Event Images Gallery

Members are encouraged to share some of their images from each summer event.

Typically, from each event you have 2 weeks to submit up to 5 images into the appropriate section on your Photo Entry page. The images are then moved to the online gallery page.

The latest event for images for Box End closes 27th July. If you have some images to share please do upload them now.

Meanwhile, why not enjoy a butcher’s with those taken at the earlier events

View gallery



Points of View

Make a date for Points of View!

This year’s Points of View will take place over the weekend of 18th -19th September, so put the date in your diary now!

You may shoot your photos at any time over this 48 hour period.

The venue is in Bedfordshire and easily accessible, with scope for both rural and urban photography – the location will be announced nearer the time, alongside the 6 subject themes.

If you would like to be included in the event’s mailing list, then please drop a line to

Ann Brownbill

Summer Events Update 15 July 2021

Summer Events Update 15 July 2021

This is an update to my Newsletter of 9 July 2021. 

Running event at Russell Park, Bedford 18 July 2021

Clive has noted that there will be a 10km running race from Russell Park starting at 9am.  Good photo-op. The Embankment will be closed from Longholme Way to Bushmead Avenue.

Points of View Competition 18-19 September 2021

Reminder to make a date in your diary for this year's Points of View competition organised by Ann Brownbill. More details coming soon.

Kathy Brown's Garden 27 July 2021

It's not too late to add your name to the attendance list.  Details of joining instructions, payment details etc have been sent to those already on the list.

Please make contact via for further info on any of these events.

Jim Boud

Internal Competition Schedule for Next Season 2021 -2022

Hello All 
 I hope you are enjoying the summer!
Please see below the competition schedule for next season and the link to same on the club website
Note – This is the initial plan for 2021-22 season. Some changes may be made before the season starts or during the season depending upon circumstances due to Covid-19 restrictions. Currently, where no physical meetings are possible, the print side of the competition may not run and the PDIs will be judged remotely. Any changes or revised details will be announced as and when the future becomes clearer.
The Competitions will be available on Photo Entry in August.
Any issues please do not hesitate to contact me. 
      – Ian M 
Internal Competition Secretary  
07786 311838