Next club meeting

Our next club meeting is on Tuesday 14th December and it will be a Zoom only event. There will  be no activity at the school. The speaker is Steve Williams and he will be talking about street photography. You should have received the Zoom log-in details this morning but, if you didn’t, just drop me a line on and I’ll resend them.


Midnight tomorrow is the closing date for entries to the Points of View competition! You’ll need to upload the six PDIs that you captured at the PoV weekend at Shefford during the summer. The six themes were: Street, Insects, Framed, Historical, Letter and Mono and you’ll need to upload an entry for each of these six themes. Our judge will critique all the submitted images next week (Tuesday 21st December) and a winner will be declared. This is always a fun event as we see how our members have chosen to interpret the themes in very different ways! If you have any questions drop a line to Ian McKenzie at




Vaughan Dean

President, Bedford Camera Club