Next club meeting

Our next club meeting is at Scott School on Tuesday 7th December and we’ll aim to start at 7.30pm. Ken Payne will be talking to us about macro photography.


In these uncertain times we don’t always know what restrictions we might face due to government advice or, indeed, personal assessment of risk. For this reason we have been working on a process whereby we might be able to host a speaker at the school for a physical meeting while simultaneously making that presentation available on Zoom. We all know that the best way to enjoy these presentations is to be in the hall with the speaker but this process might be of interest to members who, for whatever reason, simply cannot join us in the hall.


We are still testing this idea and, of course, it will always have its limitations. If we can make it work then you will be able to hear the speaker and you will be able to see the images he presents at the school but you won’t be able to see the speaker himself.


We’ll be testing the system tomorrow night for Ken Payne’s presentation so if you can’t join us at the hall but you’d like to try and participate on Zoom then just drop me a line on: and I’ll send you a Zoom link for the event.


Broadcasting an event in this way is fraught with technical challenges so we cannot guarantee that it will work on the night but it might help those members who are perhaps vulnerable themselves or who live with someone who is vulnerable.


Keep safe.





Vaughan Dean

President, Bedford Camera Club