Next meeting – Architects Association competition

This coming Tuesday we have the Architects Association Trophy competition and this year we compete on the theme of Gregarious Architecture! Each year the theme for the competition is set by the Architects Association so we’ll see if their interpretation of Gregarious Architecture matches that of our intrepid competitors from Bedford Camera Club!


We’re going to hold this competition at Scott School on Tuesday 18th January and we’ll aim to start at 7.30pm.


We do have some members who are unable to join our gatherings at the school hall so we’re going to try something different this time. We’re going to present the Architects Association competition as a hybrid presentation. This means that the competition will take place in the hall as usual but at the same time we’ll attempt to broadcast it as a Zoom meeting for those who can’t join us physically in the hall. This idea is fraught with technical challenges but we’ve tested it a few times and we’re fairly confident that we can make it work but do be prepared for a few glitches if you choose to join us on Zoom.


We’ll send out a Zoom link on Sunday but I urge you to join us in the hall if you can – you can’t beat the sheer enjoyment of seeing your fellow photographers in utter despair when they learn that Gregarious, Georgian and Gregorian have different meanings.


All the best,