Open Critique – Images Please

Reminder – Your Images Are Needed by 5th February

On Tuesday 12th February Jonathan Vaines will be leading an Open Critique for a selection of members images. This is a follow up to his talk “Compose Yourself” on composition that he gave in January. It promises to be a very valuable evening covering various pictorial aspects using our own images as a basis for discussion.

All members are invited to submit up to two PDI’s which you feel are successful images from which you would like constructive comment on both possible improvement as well as compositional critique.  Jonathan will discuss the images(s) with the author and invite comments from other members of the club. This is not a competition and your images will not be scored.

If you have not yet done so please submit one or two PDI images from which Jonathan can consider and discuss. These are to be submitted via our Photo Entry system.

  1. Login to Photo Entry as you would for a competition
  2. Select Other Internal Competitions 2018-19 
  3. select Composition Critique for 12th Feb 2019

Your images should be in the usual 1600×1200, sRGB, JPG format and are to be submitted no later than Tuesday 5th February 2019.

(NB this is a change to the event as originally published in the handbook)


Post expires on Thursday February 21st, 2019