Win Photographic Awards

Looking for a challenge and gain medals, awards and distinctions?

Many UK exhibitions are having to be postponed due to coronavirus restrictions, making it difficult to hold selections. But there are still several British Photographic Exhibitions that are running.

This page links to current BPE exhibitions that you can enter throughout 2021, along with the closing month and the types and numbers of images you can enter. Most accept uploaded PDIs and some accept (mailed-in) prints.

Example: The Vale of Evesham Exhibition opens for entries 1st January 2021 and closes 28th February. You can enter 4 PDIs at the total cost of £6.

Typically an exhibition charges a small fee for submissions and awards coveted medals for the main winners plus an award for all images or prints that have been accepted. After so many acceptances you are awarded a BPE distinction.

Always read the rules carefully as they will change from exhibition to exhibition and browse through their past winners and acceptances to see the type of images they look for.

I understand you can submit the same image to several exhibitions, so if you have a “winning image” then try several exhibitions, what one club rejects the next may give it a First. This way you can more quickly accumulate enough acceptances to get that BPE distinction.