Points of View this Weekend

This weekend, September 12/13th, the club holds its first event for 2020-21

The Points of View location is Sharnbrook (8 miles north of Bedford via the A6.) You can photograph anytime over the 48 hours of Saturday AM to Sunday PM. All image content must have been taken over this weekend within the bounds of Sharnbrook.

The challenge is to get 6 images, one for each of the 6 themes, see below.

The themes have been chosen to be reasonably open to interpretation

You have until December 1st to submit your six images into the PoV competition.

Comprehensive information and boundary maps can be found here

Guests are also welcome to try their hand at the event. If you have a friend or partner/child who would also like to have a go feel free to invite them along. NB only members can submit to the competition.

With the favourable weather forecast we can enjoy our walk, a pause for coffee at the pub or the Italian restaurant and take home some shopping from the two farm shops.


Sharnbrook is a quiet village and we must make sure we are seen to obey the government rules/laws. No more than 6 in any group and keep 2 metres from others. I would suggest we shoot alone or with just one or two other trusted photographers.

Although the COVID figures have risen over the past week the numbers are still considered low.  As I write, the current estimated number of infected cases in the North Bedford district is 54, which is lower than most surrounding districts. This, to me, means there could be around 12, hopefully less, infected people spread about the large North Bedfordshire countryside. Given this small number, maintain our spacing and gel our hands we should feel very comfortable.


1.     Community
Examples: church, residents, village hall, football team etc.

2.    Weather
An image where the weather plays a significant part, e.g. shadows in the sun, rain over the fields, bright day, dark day, wind etc

3.    Liquid
An image where a liquid plays a part e.g. the river, a puddle, a tap, a drink.

4.    Line(s)
An image that includes actual or implied lines. Examples: leading lines, trees in a straight line, diagonals, curves, S-curve

5.    Living
Something living, e.g. people, animals, flowers, trees, insects

6.    Iconic Sharnbrook
An image that says “Sharnbrook” to you, be it houses, traffic, nature reserve, etc. Think of it as the cover picture for a Sharnbrook calendar.

Have a great weekend

Ian Whiting


Full details and PDF  www.bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/points-of-view-2020-announcement/

COVID stats from ZOE https://covid.joinzoe.com/data – instal their phone app and join the 4 million other users to help ZOE and the King’s College London researchers fight COVID. You may even be invited to be an early tester of the vaccine just as I was asked a few weeks ago.