POV Jogger

Reminder Jogger: the 6 Points of View images closing date for the entries is a week Tuesday, 1st December, just 10 days away.

The six themes are…

1. Community
Examples: church, residents, village hall, football team etc.
2. Weather
An image where the weather plays a significant part, e.g. shadows in the sun, rain over the fields, bright day, dark day, wind etc
3. Liquid
An image where a liquid plays a part e.g. the river, a puddle, a tap, a drink.
4. Line(s)
An image that includes actual or implied lines. Examples: leading lines, trees in a straight line, diagonals, curves, S-curve
5. Living
Something living, e.g. people, animal, flower, tree, insect
6. Iconic Sharnbrook
An image that says “Sharnbrook” to you, be it houses, traffic, nature reserve, etc. Think of it as the cover picture for a Sharnbrook calendar.

Submit, to your Photo Entry page, one image for each of these 6 themes, in the sequence order as shown above, e.g. your third image will be for the theme “liquid.” Each image or composite must have been taken at Sharnbrook over the weekend 12th/13th September. Your image title need not be the theme name, your choice.

Suggestions for each theme were shown under the theme name but I am sure you found many other ideas to meet the subjects.

The original POV document PDF can be found here 

Good luck, the trophy passes to the winner and they have the fun of arranging the location and themes for 2021.

Ian Whiting