POV Sunday lunch

It has been an occasional custom to arrange a late lunch for the Sunday of the Points of View weekend (19th September)

Ann has asked me to sound out the interest for one this year.

If we have enough hungry takers it would probably be in an interesting, old pub 3 miles from Shefford (in the direction back to Bedford), no later than 3pm at the pub.

The pub serves a classic Sunday roast (beef, pork, lamb or chicken) for £11 plus other mains options, e.g. sea bass, burgers, quorn

It can be served outside in the “shed” if desired else inside the pub.

The pub does have a reasonable maximum group number but if too many want lunch we might need to find an alternative location.

If you are intending to come to the POV and would like to have a group meal please let me know by the 8th September.


Ian Whiting dev@colink.co.uk