Stuck at Home

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a real pain in the ?

Being stuck at home some of us will be looking for something photographic to fill the void. This page has some suggestions…

Online Photo-a-day, Journals etc


Suggestion form Ann Jarvis:

A site called Blipfoto.  It’s a community-owned site, so no advertising, and is free for basic use but £36’ish for an annual subscription.  It’s a photo-a-day site with the journal, but you don’t have to post a picture a day or write a journal, you just treat it as you want.  It may be that some people in the club might like to connect with others during any enforced confinement.  There are funny journals, serious journals, funny pictures, serious pictures and also inspirational ones too.  If one really wants to get into it there are daily challenges i.e. Mono Monday, Tiny Tuesday, Wild or Wide Wednesday, Abstract Thursday, Flower Friday, Silly Saturday and Derelict Sunday.  And, if anyone’s interested, I go under the name of BlackTulip.

365 Project

Suggestion from Helen Hall:

I would recommend an alternative photo site which can be signed up for – free of charge or subscription for the full product. 

Competitions, challenges, friendship, and an incentive to keep taking photographs, are all on offer.  

Online Tuition

There are many good, photographic, video tutorials on the net. Some sites worth exploring…

Creative Live– Many paid, classroom-style tutorials running from 1 hour to 3 days each. If you purchase a course it can be watched online or the videos downloaded to your PC; I suggest you do the latter as one never knows if the organisation will go out of business. Be aware, some are a few years old, I suggest you find the last page of the reviews to see when the first review was posted, if you are learning a software package, e.g. Photoshop, an old tutorial will be using an older version of the software although the content may still be relevant. They run a daily free viewing of one of their tutorials, usually starting at about 4 pm or 5 pm and running on a repeat loop until the next afternoon. You can find the current list of free videos being run from the CLASSES > ON AIR NOW menu. They also do a monthly and annual subscription deal whereby most videos (excluding some) are available online for that month/year.

Adorama – is a photographic shop based in New York, USA. They have many free video tutorials on their Adorama TV YouTube channel. These run from 3 minutes to 90 minutes long.

B&H – is also a photographic shop based in New York, USA. They have many free video tutorials on their B&H Events site. These are often 60 to 120 minutes long by very well known photographers. See their page for lots of tips and tricks

Adobe TV– Many free tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom

The Photoshop Training Channel– Run by Jesus Ramirez, many free and some paid tutorials on Photoshop, well worth learning new techniques from

BBC I-Player has interesting programmes on Photography in general, try: The Genius of Photography (5 years old, no longer on I-Player but this archive site has it) and The Age of The Image (also currently on BBC 4)  –  Harry Birrell Presents Films of Love and War 

Also try browsing the various links on the BBC I-Player site here

The Open University has some free courses and articles: Detecting Fake Images  –  Reading Visual Images  –  Designing the User Interface, Text, Colour, Images…  –  Word and Image  –  A Brief History of the Lens  –  Seeing a Life Through a Lens

Seeing Through Photographs –  Free MOMA (Museum of Modern Art, New York) study course for those who want a challenge

Lindsay Adler – A good, creative portrait photographer from New York. She has placed her video Seeing the Light, Learn to Read and Decode Lighting, where she covers the various jargon of studio lighting and how to learn from existing photographs, on free view for 30 days from 19/03/20.

Matt Kloskowski – A very good teacher of Photoshop, Lightroom, landscape etc. Lots of free videos. Also structured paid courses, e.g. Photoshop, currently (as of March 2020) offering 50% off for those stuck at home.

Udemy – Many online courses, some free, many paid. Take care when paying for a course, some are several years old and some are put together by a well-meaning amateur but may not be up to the standard you might expect

Table Top Photography – This 8-week online course is offered free for the duration of self-isolation. Based on one of Don Giannatti’s paid courses. It started March 16th so jump in quick. Don is a long-standing, professional photographer from Arizona

Creative Ideas – 25 suggestions from Don Giannatti again, OK, some may be difficult right now (10 strangers’ portraits in one day) but take a look through anyway, this madness will end.

Kelby One – Some “free until this awful virus is behind us” weekly courses from one of the most successful educators in the business, also see his announcement post here

Camera Manufacturers websites often have a lot of interesting free articles. As I shoot Canon I get notified of theirs: e.g. Pro Stories, Don McCullin, 10 Fashion Tips , Interviews. I also shoot Fuji, see Fuji for more inspiration and educational stories. Check your camera’s website.

The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) has announced it’s unlocking all of its more than 1,1000 online photography classes, free for the next two weeks starting 23/3/20, sign up here

ON1 – This is photo cataloguing and post processing software, kind-of-like Lightroom, cheaper, more features, but there is no Photoshop app. For the time being all their ON1 Plus courses are on free view, e.g. Long Exposure by Matt K

Open Culture – Many free online courses, photographic courses here – link found on Emma Davies’s website A Year With My Camera which also is a good resource for keen novice photographers to gently improve their photography over a year

The Photographer Academy – Lots of video tutorials on multiple topics (landscape etc), studio lighting, software (PS , LR etc) and business information. £49+ / year membership but for the time being the code ACADEMYFREE will get you a free (normally £49) membership of the Academy. Free to watch live monthly online critiques and weekly webinars. UK based.

Last WitnessFree – Seth Miranda’s mixed bag of videos, try his LIVE LIGHTING series

Nikon School – Full length video tutorials free throughout April 2020, e.g. Exploring Dynamic Landscape Photography and Photographing Children and Pets (thanks to Jim B)


Many more ideas on our Resources page under TUTORIALS and our How To page


Something to Do

Something to Do

Strobistfree tips from David Hobby on photographing your children

The Big Photo Ezine – Read the free download PDF of the current issue, or any of the back issues, of an excellent photographic magazine from the UK based Photographer Academy (also see the free offer code to join the PA in the Online Tuition section above)

OBS StudioFree and open-source software for video recording and live streaming – start your own video blog. The OBS software is used by many of the top streaming professionals. Something to get your teeth into. See Seth Miranda’s OBS

DaVinci Resolve – Most cameras have a video option, have you tried yours? Start editing your own videos with Resolve, a professional video editor free from Black Magic, no need to buy Adobe Premier. If Resolve is overwhelming then more free packages listed here. Also if you have Photoshop then this has included a simple video editor in the recent versions. Some free videography courses here and here and here and here. Audio is always very important, try Keith Alexander videos on Adorama


Please return to this page from time to time to see if we have added further new ideas

If you have any more suggestions, e.g. good websites for tutorials, please email them to me, Ian Whiting

Also see our Weekly Photo Summer Event, the challenge is to take 1 to 3 images for a particular theme. The theme is announced at the start of the week. The photos have to be taken and uploaded in that week. The images are added to our event gallery page, the link can be found on that same page. We discuss some of the submitted images in the weekly Zoom Members’ Meeting that is held on the following week.