Summer Event Image Albums

Just a reminder. We have a Photo Entry album set up for each organised summer event. Currently, these are for Woburn, Kimbolton and Tottenhoe Knoll, with Box End and Kathy Brown’s Garden planned for later this month.

If you went, or are going, to any of these, please submit up to 5 images, to the appropriate albums, from each event.  The closing date is around 2 weeks after the event, when the images will be moved to an online album for members and public to admire your work.

Some events will also include a Timed Challenge, whereby you have 30 minutes to get one image to meet the surprise subject title.  The first of these, a trial session, was held at Clive’s Kimbolton Walk. The challenge was, within the 30 minutes, to submit one image as though taken at dusk, even though it was a sunny, summer’s evening. Subsequent post-processing is acceptable. Normally 7 days is allowed to submit your chosen, post-processed image. But as several have said it was rather hard the closing date has been extended by another 7 days, so no excuses!

Simple DUSK example (this took only 2 minutes using just Lightroom): reduce exposure and saturation, deeper blue sky, paint in a light or two. I’m sure you get the idea and will create a much better “dusk image”.