Summer Events Update 21 June 2021

Summer Events Update 21 June 2021

Last call for Kathy Brown's Garden visit

Last call for Kimbolton visit

This is an update to my Newsletter of 17 June 2021.

The latest list of events is here, and a list of photo opportunities is here.

Following the success of the walk in Woburn we need to finalise arrangements for the next events.

Kathy Brown's Garden.  This is your last chance to let us have your preference for the date of our private visit to the garden.  We need a few more of you to come forward to make this event work or we will lose our provisional booking.  If you have not previously emailed and are interested in joining us, please get in touch via tonight.

Kimbolton.  The visit to Kimbolton is going ahead as planned on 29 June.  If you want to join the group led by Clive please get in touch via

As always please contact me via for further details of any event or if you have suggestions for photo opportunities.

Many thanks to our event organisers.

Jim Boud 

21 June 2021