Summer Events Update 9 July 2021


Summer Events Update 9 July 2021

Watersports at Box End Park


Kathy Browns Garden

This an update to my Newsletter of 25 June 2021.

The latest list of events is here, and a list of photo opportunities is here.

Box End Park

Link to website here.

Don't forget Steve has arranged for us to visit on Tuesday 13 July.  Meet up at about 6:30.  No charge. Great action shots available – eg this one from last time I visited. Bar open after, we believe, subject to Covid restrictions

Kathy Browns Garden
Link to website here
Linda has confirmed our booking for Tuesday 27 July at 6:30pm

We still have space for more of you, and if you would like to bring plus one (or even two) please get in touch. Only £7 per person plus optional tea and cake to follow.

Jim Boud