Summer Events

Summer Events 2021

Summer Events 2021 

For the summer months we are hosting member-led events to take photographic advantage of the longer days and the relaxation of restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

 I will act as coordinator of these events and I will post here new events as they are put forward by members. I will keep a comprehensive list of all events which will give more details and how to contact the organising member and I will provide a link in any post.  The current list can be seen here. There will also be a list of other external happenings eg a vintage car rally, that might provide a photo opportunity that may or may not be subject to a club outing. The current list can be seen here.

 Both lists will be driven by members.  If you have a contribution to either get in touch with me at

 The event may need little or no organising eg “Going on a bug hunt to Priory Park Thursday evening.  Join me. Contact….”. It can then be added to the updated event list.

 For events requiring more organising we will have to see if there is sufficient interest to proceed by the response from members.  When these ideas are added to the list I will indicate if sign up from a critical number is needed before we proceed.

 Please get in touch if you would like to discuss the viability of your idea and what would be involved in setting up the event.

 That’s it for now.  Keep your eye on the newsletters to find out current plans.

Jim Boud

BCC Summer 2021 Events Coordinator

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