Triptychs and Panels – More Information

One of the two themes for this week’s Weekly images is a Triptych/panel

There is an art to constructing a panel of images.

Panels of three images are great for impressive living room displays and many clubs hold panel competitions. The RPS also require their submissions for accreditation to be arranged as a panel

Those that would like to think more seriously about creating an impressive panel of images here are some good links to start with…

Two videos by Adobe’s resident artist and Photoshop specialist Julieanne Kost

Julieanne is a fine artist and excellent trainer

How to approach taking, making and presenting images in a panel. These contain some great information, even for experienced photographers

Part 1 – Creating images – 16 minutes –

Part 2 – Pairing images – 15 minutes –

And the task of creating a single image from three individual images

Eric Reno (Tip Squirrel) using Photoshop – video 8 minutes –

Another video doing something similar to Eric’s – 14 minutes –

Using Lightroom’s Print module to arrange and create a single image panel (print or save as a JPG file) –

Ian Whiting