Week 5 Closing and Theme 6

Week 5 – Composition A

The closing date is today, 11.59pm Sunday 3rd May.

Week 6 – Covers

After week 4, Minimalism, which I thought would be a challenging theme (but we had more images submitted than weeks 1 to 3, which was great) I thought week 5, Compositions, thirds and frames, would be a more relaxing theme to go for.  This week we are back to a more challenging theme, something to get your teeth into.

A book publisher has 5 paperback books he needs covers for. For week 6 you have been commissioned to submit images for the covers of 1 to 3 for these books. The books are normally rectangular in portrait format but landscape format could be acceptable to the publisher.

The important aspect is that they need to include enough negative space for the book title and author’s name to be included.

Negative space can be a plain colour, e.g. blue or grey sky, or an out-of-focus indeterminate blur, anything that is not too busy to make it hard to read the text. The negative space should be part of the picture, not a white or black square laid over the top!

When you take or plan your image(s) consider where to leave the negative space in the image.

You don’t need to add the title and author text but you do need to provide the space for it. If you enjoy designing text in Photoshop then go ahead and put it in (Google for tutorials.) 

The image needs to give the feel for the book’s subject as purchasers are guided by the cover design and colour, e.g. a historic novel might need a sepia-tinged, historical style image

Choose any one to three of these titles…

  • My Garden is Green by Gloria Games – a soft, romantic novel
  • Speeding Past by Simon Surebucket – a thriller
  • Round, Round and Round Again by Lisa Lockhart – a nature story
  • Earth, Wind, Water or Fire – by Sheridan Shaw – technical
  • Sunshine Helps by Arran Andrews – Feel good story

There is no need to replicate the image to match the words in the title, you can submit anything that you feel would work well to sell that particular book.

Maximum 3 images, you can do 2 or 3 versions of the same title if you wish, or mix and match any two or three.

Some examples of covers with negative space, with and without text. You do not need to submit both versions, just one either with or without text.

Your covers should still be good photographic compositions.

The chosen book title should be the title of the submitted image

Your pictures must be taken during the week beginning Monday, May 4th and the closing date is Sunday, 10th May 11.59 pm. Submit to the usual PhotoEntry > Stuck At Home event.

More details on how to submit here bedfordcameraclub.co.uk/stuck-at-home-weekly-image

Optional extras…

Your Comments

To add additional and interesting information about your image, e.g. how you took or processed it, please feel free to add it to the COMMENTS metadata field or send it to me in a separate email. These will be seen with your image in the online album.


To request a personal critique, from one of the club’s best photographers, of one or more of your images, please email critiques@bedfordcameraclub.co.uk with the TITLE(S) of your image. The critique may be discussed at the members’ Zoom meeting to help us all unless you state in your email PRIVATE.


The images in the online album are now being added in the same order that you have sequenced them in PhotoEntry, i.e. image 1 of 3 will be the first image of your three in the album, image 2 will be second etc. Thus if you have a sequential “panel” of images they will appear consecutively. However, they may get split over two rows; if this is an issue let me know by email, in advance, and, if you are lucky, I will remember to isolate them into one row.

Ian Whiting, dev@colink.co.uk