Weekly – The last One and POV

(Stuck at Home) Weekly Image

Week 17 images (Balance) are due in by midnight this Sunday 26th July, details here

These will be uploaded to a new Event Album on Monday and could be discussed at the last members’ Zoom meeting on Tuesday evening.

As the club’s meetings are coming to an end this month and we all take a short break, this is the last Stuck at Home Weekly event. I hope you have managed to meet this week’s subject where the images should show a pictorial balance from one or more of the following styles: Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Tonal, Colour and Conceptual Balance

Thank you to everyone who has taken part. And thank you very much to Bruce and John G for their image reviews, these have really added a big plus to the whole event.

Our hard-working host John G said, last Tuesday, that he has been impressed with how all of the images have improved over the weeks. I agree with him. It shows that we have to keep taking photos and not be afraid to both challenge ourselves and critique our own images, always analysing how and where we can improve our shots.

We look forward to meeting again in a few weeks when the club season restarts. The committee will soon give us more information on how things will progress, circumstances willing.

Points of View – Changes – Keep the date

Meanwhile, the 2020-21 Points Of View (POV) event will be held over the weekend September 12th and 13th.

The POV has previously been held late in October when we meet at a pre-arranged location (which is only announced a few days before the event) and are given 6 subject titles to photograph that day. These images are judged in a contest held later in the club season. Last year’s winning images’ gallery

As this year’s POV organiser, with the committee’s permission, as a trial this year, I have changed the date and rules a little. The event will now be earlier than usual. Previously not everyone could make the Sunday and we have sometimes been hit by inclement, October weather. So I have moved the POV to a September weekend when the weather may be more forgiving. You can shoot your six images anytime on the chosen Saturday and/or Sunday. But your shots have to be taken that weekend, not some other day or some other place.

Nearer the date I will publish more details of the POV, announcing the location and six titles, plus optional meet-up times for each day for those who wish to socialise. 

The event will also be open to potential new members. If you know any budding photographers please invite them along. Should they go on to join the club this coming year they will be able to submit their images into the competition which is currently planned for 8th December, see Ian McKenzie’s preliminary 2020-21 competition schedule. The winner will hold and polish the coveted cup for 12 months and has the grand honour of running next year’s POV!

Please mark the date, weekend September 12th and/or 13th, on your calendar for the *NEW FLAVOURS* *UPDATED* *IMPROVED* 2020-21 Points of View.


Ian Whiting